Salut les Tokuvores !

Après avoir tâté un peu le terrain, il semblerait que vous voulez vous faire encore plus spoiler le futur de Lupinranger VS Patranger.

Eh bien je vous ai concocté une petite vidéo de bon aloi qui va vous révéler des choses, comme notamment quelques Rangers secrets qui devraient faire leur apparition dans la série et/ou films (ou pas, avec Toei ça fluctue une année sur l’autre).

J’inclus aussi dans la vidéo les power-up et des sons spéciaux. Les Kaitou Boosts et les Keisatsu Boosts seront pour un peu plus tard (parce qu’il y en a beaucoup).

Bon spoilers !

Hello, Tokuvores !

After testing the waters a little bit, it seems that you want me to spoil you the future of Lupinranger VS Patranger a bit further. Well, I cooked a video of good taste that will reveal some things, such as secret Rangers that should appear in the series and/or the movies (or not, depending how Toei feels).

Also included are the power-ups and some special sounds. The Kaitou Boosts and the Keisatsu Boosts will be for later (there are a lot of them).

Good spoilers !

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    1. Ah, I can’t tell you, it’s part of the trick.

      But first, you have to figure out how the toy works and the correct pin combinaisons (that’s the hardest and longest part). Then, just build what you need. In my case, I chose to replicate the little cards. Use your imagination, it’s not that hard. Cardboard might help you.

      1. Thanks!

        I’ll try the cardboard idea!

        As for the pins…. hmm… I guess I could try toothpicks or bobby pins.

        Nevertheless, thanks!

  1. For some reason, I couldn’t reply to your message, so sorry if this feels a bit odd.

    Anyway, I thought about modeling the pins and then 3D printing them. I don’t have 3DS Max (if I did, I’d model them myself!)- but I know two people who do.

    So I contacted them, showed them some pictures of Patren #1’s Trigger Machine and the pin combinations, and asked what they could do. They said they’d try their best. 😀

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