Futo Tantei, le manga spin off de Kamen Rider Double, propose parfois des choses inédites que l’on n’a jamais vues dans la série.

C’est aujourd’hui le cas d’une forme inédite de notre héros : la forme FangTrigger. L’Arm Fang de son bras se transforme en arc pour tirer des flèches d’énergie.

Futo Tantei, the spin off manga of Kamen Rider Double, sometimes presents new things never seen in the series.

Today, it is the case with a new form for our hero : the FangTrigger form. His Arm Fang turns into a bow firing energy arrows.

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  1. Oh excellent, I remember musing with friends back in the day about FangTrigger and FangMetal, who would turn the Metal Shaft into a scythe, or so. Need to get caught up on this manga.

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